At Bluelight Strategies, we work with our clients to identify appropriate audiences, use the most appropriate mechanisms to reach each target, and refine clients’ messaging to maximize impact. We draw upon our unique experience and understanding of both traditional communications and new media to create strategies to help our clients break into today’s competitive, 24-7 media environment, including the design, execution and publicity of creative media events as well as the generation and placement of paid advertising.

Our Services Include:

Message Development
Gone are the days when an individual or group could have one message that reaches all audiences. Today, you must refine what you are saying depending on the audience and location. At Bluelight Strategies, we work to identify your core messaging elements and combine it with your distinctive personality to create a comprehensive message strategy that can be applied to all aspects of your work from media relations to development, advocacy and outreach. Focused, consistent and authentic messaging is at the heart of everything we do.

In today’s world, having a strong brand that clearly identifies who you are and what you stand for is critical to any communications strategy. Your brand is more than your logo; it is the perception people have of your organization or company. Bluelight Strategies puts great effort behind working with you to dig deep into who you are and build a brand platform that strengthens existing assets and creates new ways of talking about your institution that will resonate with targeted audiences.

Media Strategy
Bluelight Strategies sees media strategy as a tool to reach a larger goal. We understand that you are trying to influence an audience, not just get your name in the newspaper. Our work focuses on identifying your target audience and then reaching its members through the news outlets they frequent. We use the media to promote your interests and to increase your public profiles by aggressively publicizing your organization or campaign through all of the relevant traditional and new media avenues.

Media Relations
Bluelight Strategies markets our clients through compelling news hooks, eye-catching events and innovative story lines that compel print, airtime or bandwidth. We underscore our creativity with relentless attention to the nuts and bolts of high-level communications: effective targeting, personal pitching, and a detailed understanding of the advantages of all potential targets.

Crisis Communications
No organization expects to find itself in the middle of a crisis, but when it does, having an intentional plan in place to manage the crisis is critical to not making the situation worse. Bluelight Strategies helps you create plans and run though scenarios to ensure systems are in place for when they are needed. The firm is also ready to step in to help manage crisis once it hits.

Bluelight Strategies creates nuanced, multi-leveled proactive and reactive communications campaigns. Our swift, sure and timely responses attract the attention of editors and news directors; promote issues, causes and legislation; and support development.

As a full-service firm, Bluelight Strategies works with you to design smart, timely and cost-effective advertising campaigns. Bluelight Strategies designs short- and long-term advertising strategies that we support with full-service design and placement services.

Social Media
In today’s media environment, having a proactive social media strategy is critical to success. More and more people are turning to Twitter, Facebook and other social media for news and information. Bluelight Strategies works with you to integrate social media into a broader communications strategy. We want to take your message to where your audience already is rather than make audiences find you.

Bluelight Strategies has earned a reputation for our unique, creative and newsworthy event designs, planning numerous successful press conferences, panel discussions, conferences, rallies and other events, both large and small, public and intimate.

Media Training and Public Speaking
Bluelight Strategies staffers have lectured and trained government workers, Democratic press aides, lobbyists, lay and professional activists, Hollywood personalities, scientists, college students and more.